Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Blood

Just played a 1500pt. game vs. Necrons. My first game in ages, and my first game in 6th edition 40k.

Mission : Ancient relic, Deployment : Short table edges
Result: Draw (Necron got first blood for +1, I got Enemy Warlord Slain for +1)

Tau Army :
Shas'el, PR MP TA hwBS htMT
3x Crisis Fireknife squad
2x Fire Warriors x12, Shas'el, bonded
Kroot x10 + Hounds x5
2x Broadside x2

Necrons :
Tanky Special Character lord+bodyguard
Immortals x8
2x Warrior squad
2x Transport
1x Shooty vehicle
Wraiths x3
Scarabs x10

After the first two turns I was sure I'd be tabled, by the 5th turn I was thinking how to table the Necrons. They came close and obliterated all squishy troops, then the weight of fire from the suits got them. Some highlights since I don't remember every turn:

  • Both IC's missed their assault rolls by 1" (and got shot dead dead dead)
  • The wraiths deep striked behind my lines, I shot one of them dead, then assaulted with 2 broadsides and killed them in 2-3 turns. 2+ save is king.
  • Overwatch saved my ass multiple times. First I caused a failed charge by killing 2 scarab bases, then shot the IC off while it was trying to catch my Warlord.
  • Those ark thingies make killing off warriors a real chore.
  • Kroots got shot once and ran off the table. I gotta make sure the commander babysits them for a few turns.
  • ALL characters assign wounds on 6s to hit now, rather important since squad sergeants are characters now.
  • Movement is and model placement is very very important
  • Wound allocation is still somewhat possible, especially with an attached IC

All in all, I think 6th is a better game than 5th (more fun!)

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  1. We were motivated to "Kill all humans!" but sadly there was none...